for Children

is a 24-month European project that aims to contribute to preventing and to combating child maltreatment in Italy, in Lithuania and in Poland.


Training 315 professionals working within medical care, social services, police and education sectors on assisted resilience paradigm as to assume the role of Tutor of Resilience (ToR) for children

Joint action

Increasing cross-sectorial private and public partnerships (CCPP) engaging 75 key stakeholders of Child maltreatment (CM) to address childhood adversity at local level with increased homogeneity and consistent management

Lobbying and

Organisation of public events directed to 500 National and European actors to raise awareness on CM, to promote CCPP model and Assisted Resilience paradigm for the prevention and the mitigating of CM effects on kids

Recent news

Teachers in Bergamo become Tutors of Resilience for children

Cesvi is offering teachers in Ambito 1, Bergamo (Municipalities of Bergamo, Gorle, Orio al Serio, Ponteranica, Sorisole and Torre Boldone)... Italy More

Child protection professionals’ learning gaps in Italy, in Lithuania and in Poland

An assessment conducted in Italy, in Lithuania and in Poland, shows professionals need more tools to deal with children and families exposed... Italy Lithuania Poland More



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